Sunday, 5 November 2017

This is your life

I’ll be honest, Miles and I were a bit grumpy when it became clear that we weren’t going to make it to Vanuatu this year, and that our only viable cruising option was to sail up the coast of Queensland.  Queensland Schmeensland.
Now we feel a bit silly. The Queensland coast is stunning, and an unexpected pleasure has been stumbling upon the haunts of my past.
“I grew up here!” I’ll shout at the kids on entering a new anchorage.
Eye roll. “Mum, you say that every place we go.”
It’s true, we moved around a lot.
Here’s a very bad picture of a stunning place I spent a lot of time on as a child, that Jewel of the North, Hinchinbrook Island.
You can't see them, but we counted 12 waterfalls from here.


  1. I am thrilled to bits that you're seeing all those magical places again. with adult eyes.
    thinking about it: Liss, you were born in Cairns, in Calvery hospital, right on the sea front.
    and you were first out in a boat (stink boat, I know) as a very new baby.
    So: you were probably ALWAYS going to do this boatie thing, even though I didn't notice the fairy (with blessings? curses?) at your christening...

  2. Hi pandion its Maddie and Amelia from head office we had a look on your tracker stalker and we are all very jelous of you being up in cairns well we are in brisbane and if you could send us your email address then we could keep in touch and our email address is