Tuesday, 14 November 2017

8 word story!

Miles here.  We are still holed up in Maggie Marina, awaiting an unseasonably long run of SE winds which are preventing us going anywhere.  Luckily we have some great friends here, the marina has a big pool, and we've been going to yoga and boot camp and doing some great walks with the Bartkamps. AND, we went surfing with Chris and Katrina at Florence Bay (twice), an upside of the 25kn southeasterlies.

Ernest Hemingway famously wrote an ultra short story, (although the jury's out and it could actually be by someone else):  "For sale, baby shoes, never used".  Queensland Writers Centre is running a project collecting 8 word stories, so some of the SV Pandion crew are having a go.

Somebody famous once said that all the best short stories kill a child, which has been Melissa's modus operandi for a while... no change here... only you get to choose which one to kill.  Here are our efforts:

Melissa: Alert, radiation shelters filling, one child per family.

Reminy and I went for a space theme:

Miles:  NASA: Volunteers wanted, Mars Mission, one way only.

Reminy: Centuries on spaceships, finally arrived, land not empty.


p.s. Actually, I think the famous person said the best short stories involve the death of a child, which is, I'm sure you'll agree, very different from killing a child. Liss.


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