Friday, 17 November 2017

Spectacular Zoe Bay - Hinchenbrook Island, natural rock slides, unnatural music

Anchor in the southern corner, close to rocks and a fair distance from shore due to shallow water.  Good holding in sand.  Winds need to be calm as the bay is exposed from the south through north.  Don't swim, crocs. Ashore, there are numerous heavily laden coconuts to harvest and a plethora of mozzies to harvest crew members.  Take the short walk from the southern end of the bay up to the spectacular swimming hole, truly a jewel!.  Tell the crew they are climbing a hot cliff to look at the view and they will be pleasantly surprised.  Video by Reminy.


  1. Sitting in front of the fire in Stanthorpe, vividly recalling Zoe Bay and Hinchinbrook...
    How wonderful that you were there and making the most of every minute!
    PS Rem, we actually enjoyed Budi singing!

  2. Tears to my eyes that you Liss could share one of your favorite growing up places with your growing up family. Miles, you are an underwater Cecil B de Mille. Kids, you are awesome. I thought i had climbed and jumped all over there... but not like you did - and I didn't think to sing to the jungle perch! Wonderful stuff.l Poppy

  3. Nice clip and what a beautiful waterhole! And view!!
    Did you know Grace Donsworth from Iluka won the Mullumbimby music festival youth mentorship
    Rem your nice guitar work and Budi's song were so right for the clip! Thanks.