Wednesday, 2 August 2017

The Walk, by Malachy

Today we went for a walk to Lake Mackenzie on Frazer Island. Before we knew it we were climbing a very steep hill. There were about 30 false summits, but finally we reached the top.  We walked and walked until we came across a sign that said 3 hours and 30minutes to Lake Mackenzie, and then at last we reached a fence.  It was an electric dingo fence meant for keeping dingoes out, so you can probably guess how I felt, being on the SAME SIDE as the dingoes.  After a long time of walking on gravel we came to the dried up sandy forest and a really beautiful creek. I told Reminy to hold my heels while I drank but I forgot to take my cap off so it fell in.  It was about to disappear when Sylvie prodded it with her stick and it sunk.  I finally I fished it out but for a long time my head was underwater.  Then I got up and didn't even get my drink!  At last we got to the lake and I realised that I didn't bring my swimmers so I had to go in my underpants with a knot tied stylishly on one side because they were too loose.  The lake was clear, freshwater and really amazing.
p.s. We ended up walking 26 km there and back. Even Sylve.  


  1. Oh my! I was on Frazer Island just over 20 years ago. What a beautiful spot.

  2. yeah, it's pretty cool i loved the fishing!

  3. yeah it is so cool .I loved the fishing we caught a few mackerel!