Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Lady Musgrave

Not much internet here, but with the phone dangling at the top of the mast, we can report that all is well.  We have been anchored in the lagoon at Lady Musgrave Island for about 5 days.  It's a large clear lagoon in 8 meters of water; you anchor by standing on the mizzen maststeps (another excellent use of mizzens) and call out directions to the helmsperson to avoid shallow bommies.  There are a few other boats here, and we joined up with the team from Molly, a 48 foot alloy cat and the kids played for a few days, and we shared fish and stories. We're waiting out a strong northerly before riding a small lull before a strong southerly arrives to get to somewhere more protected.  It's all about the weather, and I have massive respect for the days before iphones up masts and daily weather from the coast guard.  Stay tuned for an underwater video from Sylvie. Miles
Noddy terns, getting ready for bed

Budi, lingering

Kid crews from Pandion and Molly


  1. Hope the wind are treating you fairly. I've been thinking of you as we battled the headwinds across the Nullarbor. In Perth now for a few days then heading south. Big hugs to you all. xxx

  2. You should start your own blog! Sounds like you've been having all sorts of adventures xxxxx Liss