Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Surf and goats - (not at the same time)

After spending a few days at Ilot Tenia (see Reminy's film) we are now at Baie des Moustiques preparing for 3 days of bad weather.  We will get good protection here from the predicted winds, although the rain could lead to cabin fever and the potential burial at sea of a child. Despite the name, it is stunningly beautiful here. The landscape is Jurassic, towering folded, green mountains.

Reminy looking east towards Tenia
Baie des Moustiques -  Pandion
The island is empty of people, although we were told it is owned by Kanaks who have some holiday houses here.  The land is full of goats and horses, which we've had fun following around.  Today some hunters turned up in a dingy and shot four goats.  They left before I had the chance to take the tender over and ask for some meat. The kids found the bone yard later on.  After this weather we might head north and look for some more surf at the next pass. 

And just to temper the scene: we are all sick, infected throats and fevers.  In the incubus that is Pandion's saloon the bug is methodically moving from one person to the next. No amount of honey, lemon or rum seems to stop it.    Based on Budi's experience I  have one more day to go.  Joy.


  1. Hey Pandiites, that all looks amazing! We are all very envious. We are also passing a bug from person to person but are just now seeing the light of day. Stay safe and happy sailing. Brock and co.

  2. hey mate, how are you all? where are you now? . Call us if you can - we are on a local number is +687 85 80 99. although wait a few days as i have lost my voice. Miles

  3. Looks amazing Heits! We’re not sick but not surfing and eating lobster either so I think we’re even. Love the blog and videos. Not enough of Buddi singing though. Love Stewkeys

  4. Wow! You guys are having an awesome time. We are going into Lawn Hill today for a few days. Karumba was wonderful and the weather has been sensational and warm while it's freezing down south. Keep enjoying! Hugs and love. xxx