Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Money money money

We're up to our necks in coffer-filling activities at the moment to fund the next stage of our adventure: New Caledonia and Vanuatu.  We're staying at my parents house on the water (thanks!) with a clear view of the boat through the trees.  The kids are in school for a term (😡), and we're heads down bums up getting international registration for the boat, tinkering with upgrades (New cooling system for the fridge! New tender cover! Mast-steps! Bilge cleaning! Demilitarising the front cabin!), and scraping together all the cash we can.

We leave for Noumea in May, cyclones permitting, but stay tuned for more posts.


  1. The kids will love Vanuatu, plan for lots of time there so you can get to the far islands. Our boys went hunting with bows and arrows and walking through the forest etc. This was 20 years ago, but we were able to trade clothes, esp childrens, for fruit and veg at the villages without easy access to Port Vila and Luganville (for them to buy clothes). Plastic containers with lids too. The further from these towns the more you will enjoy it. We left in May too, with the first of the westerlies, heading as far to the east as we could before the ESE kicked in. Virtually no contact with locals outside of Noumea, we only went from Noumea to Isle de Pins and back, may be better contact out of this area.

  2. Thanks so much, good to know. Yep, we're interested in getting to the out of the way places and my kids would love to go hunting with bows and arrows. Fingers crossed.