Saturday, 16 December 2017

Cocktails in the cockpit

Arguably late in the piece we have discovered the joy of sunset cocktails. Some of these recipes we have invented, some we’ve stolen from classy establishments along the way. 

* The Humpy. Invented on our honeymoon, the Humpy gets its name from the island we started out on (ye duffer). We’d loaded up our two-person sea kayak way past the plimsoll line and Miles was just stowing the last item when I staggered in under the weight of a large crate of mangoes and panted, “where will we put these?” He was dismayed at the time, but grateful later that day. (For those who are interested, we bungeed them to the stern deck).
                - finely diced mango, cranberry juice, vodka, no ice

* The Middle Percy. Invented on Middle Percy Island at the sparse end of our stores. At the time we thought it was awesome and enthusiastically introduced as many fellow cruisers to the Percy as we could until we noticed that they were, to a person, leaving their Percys in out-of-the-way places, virtually untouched.
                - tawny port, in a box, warm soda water, bottled lime juice, a sprig of mint, if you can get your hands on some, no ice

* The Kaffir Lime Fizz. I know there are real recipes for kaffir lime fizz out there, but do they ingeniously use dried kaffir lime leaves from an Asian Grocery store? I think not. This one we stole from Rosslyn Bay and made our own.
                - dried kaffir lime leaves, gin, soda water, bottled lime juice, honey, no ice

* Anchors Away. Appropriated from a very nice pizza place on Hammo. We guessed the ingredients from the description and it's finger kissin' good.
                - Peach schnapps, refrigerated, if you can find room in your boat fridge (we're very motivated to find room in our boat fridge), spiced rum, ditto, bottled lime juice, tinned passionfruit pulp, soda water, ice! We have a freezer on board but frankly it's more trouble than it's worth, except when there's a bag of party ice in there destined for a few days on Anchors Aways. 

* I don't know how ye old tall ships managed to keep limes for so long - ours last a week tops and then we're back onto the ubiquitous bottled lime juice.


  1. Could you have a small kaffir lime tree in a pot?
    Or even just some leaves in the fridge or freezer?
    Squeezing a real lime quicker, kaffir lime leaves for emergencies...

  2. That's it, we're coming over for a visit. No Galactic would leave a Middle Percy in an out of the way place, untouched.