Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Where are we now and Video reflections on Lady Musgrave Island

Hello all, it's been a while between posts - we've been to the Whitsundays, had Melissa's parents on board for a few excellent days, and stayed with our long time friends Katrina and Chris on Maggie Island. Reminy did her Open Water dive course in the almost zero visibility of Nelly Bay, but as she said, it was kind of cool wondering if she was going to lose her instructor in the murk and never be seen again. Currently Pandion is in the lee of Orpheus Island riding out some heavy rain and wind, the first wet weather we've seen since leaving Iluka. The boat is dry, the crew have colds, but there's ample fresh water for showers and time to catch up on chores.  We'll head north tomorrow when the storms pass and check out Hinchinbrook, Dunk island and onwards to Cairns where Liss has to fly south for a workshop.

Sylvie and Budi finished their Lady Musgrave video.  Lady Musgrave is in the Capricorn Bunker group off Gladstone in Central QLD.  It is one of our favorite places;


 A secure anchorage inside a natural lagoon, crystal clear water, good spearing, excellent snorkeling (among the best we have seen), whales, manta rays and a magical pisonia forest.  Interesting fact, the stunning white coral sand beaches are largely made up of Parrot fish poop. The chew the coral and poop out 'sand'.

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Here is the video - enjoy,

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