Saturday, 2 September 2017

There are whales underground

Faced with a week in a marina while Milo went off to work, I went looking for Local Attractions and happily stumbled upon the Capricorn Caves. For one enthusiastic caver it was the first time underground in almost 2 decades and so totally worthwhile. As it turned out, we were able to pick Miles up from the airport in Rocky and he joined us, in body, if not in consciousness (three flights overnight, Broome-Perth-Brisbane-Rocky).

Here is Sylvie's take on the day, as written in her journal. I've included her more endearing spelling errors.

"Yesterday we went kaveing. We had to wear helmets. First we went to see the stuff in the sand [inside the entrance cave]. Mindy [our guide] picked up a handfool of sand it was random and there was heeps of tiny bones. Then we went throw some tight squeezes, but they were not tight for me. After that we saw some wobles [rock wallabies]. Then we went throw the whale. First we went up its botm and in to the large intestins then over the boob/nut crusher, it did not hurt for me, then out the blowhole. After that we went to the bats. I do not rmember but she said something like there could be esily over 50 thawsand bats and that was not a big groop. Last we went on a dark tour throw the zigzag. I was folowing the walls and I ran into a wall."
 Here's Budi somewhere in the vicinity of the whale's large intestine.

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